Introduction to the Ministry of Social Justice


             When an issue affects one demographic of people, it affects all people. Human rights issues are social justice issues because human beings are both sacred and social. People have the fundamental right to be treated equally and without prejudice regarding life, food, shelter, etc. Participation in the advancement of society is a right as well as an obligation. We serve under the leadership of Dr. E. Dewey Smith Jr., our Senior Pastor and it is with great honor that we can impact the lives of our community fulfilling the vision that our Lord has given him.  Our Ministry is led by Pastor G.V. Lewis, along with our Coordinator Minister Ron Davis and our Assistant Ministry Coordinator Minister Adrianne Jones.It is the belief of the GTRBC Ministry of Social Justice that people have a right and a duty to participate in society, that they must work together for the common good and the well-being of all, particularly the poor and the vulnerable. It is our belief that the fundamental role of government and other institutions is to protect life, human dignity and promote the common good. Each individual possesses a basic dignity that comes, not from age, gender, economic status or race, but from our Creator.proverbs

             The mission of our ministry is to advocate for responsible and ethical governance of the social, economic, and political welfare of the community in accordance with the Holy Scriptures. In doing so, the Ministry of Social Justice at GTRBC will identify and address the structures and societal realities that create or contribute to conditions of poverty and disenfranchisement. Our objectives include serving as an information clearinghouse on issues of social justice both locally and nationally, keeping the congregation/community informed regarding local and national social justice concerns, promoting community solidarity on a continuous basis, increasing awareness of policies and/or structures directly or potentially affecting communities locally and nationally and advocating for responsible and responsive governance by public officials. We also seek to build congregational and local support for social justice for social justice efforts by developing positive mutually supportive relationships with other church leaders, raising interest and awareness of matters of social justice among youth and by grooming any youth who express an interest on addressing issues of social justice.

             We are a ministry that above all advocates for equality and justice for all people, especially the least, the lost and the left out. Our ministry components consist of political action, education, economic/financial, health/wellness, legal action task-force, and voter registration. The various activities that we will host throughout the year are Know Your Rights (Legal Affairs Workshop), Social Justice Symposium, State of Minorities in America (Panel Discussion), Community Solidarity Day (Annual Declaration), Community Solidarity March and Rally, “Food For Thought” (Monthly Social Justice Commentary), and Where are the Children? (Missing and exploited Children), partnering with the Tabitha’s House in addressing “Human Trafficking” as an issue of social justice.

          The GTRBC Ministry of Social Justice will, in effect, serve as a catalyst for change, working for the common good of all. As greater emphasis and attention is placed on matters of social justice, the church, in this, the 21st century, will begin to achieve a much greater degree of relevance. As we embark on this journey of change, we invite you to join us in taking a stand against injustices worldwide and advocating for the rights of all mankind.

When One Wins, We All Win,

Angelique Niare